Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing and directing the Homeowners Association. The Board meets to discuss and vote on matters vital to the Westlake Townhome community. All meetings are held in the Westlake Townhomes Clubhouse, and are open to all residents.


Every year in June the Association has an Annual Meeting. At that time elections for the Board of Directors are held. Notices are sent to homeowners in advance of the meeting. All members are encouraged to come to the Annual Meeting and vote.

Minutes and Agendas

Agendas for upcoming Board of Directors meetings are posted in the Clubhouse. Minutes of Board of Directors meetings are also available to all residents and to the public. Minutes may be viewed at our Clubhouse and on our Board Minutes page.


The Board may create and appoint Association committees at its discretion. The purpose of Association committees is to provide advice and recommendations to the Board on specific areas and issues. For more information, please see our Association Committees page.


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